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Gordon Cowan Law


Standing up for Real People, Families and Honest Businesses

I assist

 - in most equine legal matters

 - in the return of stolen art & cultural artifacts

 - in property, construction and development disputes

I help

 - those seriously injured

 - in wrongful death matters

 - against unfair business practices

 - against unlawful employment practices

 - those who suffer injury to their reputation

 - where another causes environmental damage


Pursuing Fair Measures of Justice

I am

 - a "Trial Lawyer of the Year" nominee - Public Justice Foundation, Wasington, D.C., 2012

 - a full-time litigator in Nevada & California 30+ years

 -a Founding Member of The Alethia Institute

 - a proud Member of the Academy of Trial Advocates

 - a long-time contributor to non-profits  & local community events


Here's the Deal

Look. The circumstance causing you to seek help from a lawyer may be stressful. It may be critical for you.

My goal is to help relieve your stress with a fair and respectful process through the legal system. If I can't help, I'll tell you so. And I will refer you to someone who may be able to help.